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Avoid Doing These 6 Things As A Man If You Want To Live Long And Remain Fertile

Avoid Doing These 6 Things As A Man If You Want To Live Long And Remain Fertile

Certain things you should quit doing as a male if you want to remain fertile in the future. Everybody wants a wonderful family in the future, and they want to give them lots of love in the present.

Important Everyone wants to live a healthy, long life with a fulfilling lifestyle, yet we've taken part in so many illegal activities that are steadily crippling us and lowering our life expectancy.

Here in this email, we'll shed some light on a few topics. We wish to quit putting ourselves in risk and damaging ourselves as a man with many duties. Many of the things we do have emerged as potential hazards to our health, and more often than not, we no longer perceive anything wrong with continuing to do them. Some men do this because they don't want to be exposed to the dangers that the electronics they're using pose.


The use of marijuana or cigarettes: Smoking, while it may have some advantages, is not suited for our frame and should be avoided.

Those words "smokers are vulnerable to dying younger" are commonly found in a pack of maximum cigarettes. To discourage people from smoking too much, these prices have been set thus high. Cigarette smoking can injure several organs in our bodies including the lungs and heart. As men, we must work to avoid smoking excessively because it progressively kills us.

You're slowly killing yourself if you choose to spend your leisure time scamming and robbing others of their hard-earned money rather than providing for yourself and earning a living. It's morally wrong and karma may also come calling eventually.

Having a Lot of Sugar in Your System:

Too much sugar is harmful to the functioning of our body's machinery. To avoid diabetes and an unwarranted gain in weight, people should avoid consuming large amounts of sugar or foods that contain a lot of sugar.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption:

This is a common problem among men. While alcoholic beverages aren't horrible, it's important to keep your intake in check.

The truth is that some men believe that gambling is more important than making a genuine investment, and many of these men have gotten addicted to it. Overindulging in video games and lotteries has left many men broke and indebted; others have even perished in their indigence.

It's not a good idea to be dating multiple women at the same time. As a rule, you should only have one female companion at a time. Having an excessive number of girlfriends or sexual partners at the same time increases your risk of developing sex-transmitted illnesses (STIs), which can be fatal. What are your thoughts on this?

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