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'See 7 Reasons, Your Man Takes You For Granted. No. 3 & 4, Are The Worst.

Some women find it difficult to give a relationship a second chance when they are in a committed relationship. Because of the way she treated her last relationship as if it were her last. Some elements that lead to certain guys taking you for granted in a relationship, on the other hand, may be overlooked by you as a woman.

Here are some of the reasons why your lover has turned his back on you.

1. You persuade him that, as a woman, you are unable to function without him. A woman should never expose her weakness to a man when it comes to romantic devotion, no matter how much you like or wish to be in a romantic relationship with him. Never allow your boyfriend to create the impression that you are unable to exist or function as a woman without him by your side.

2. You are in complete agreement with his decisions. Even if you are completely dissatisfied with the outcome, you should accept it. In order for the relationship to continue to operate, you continue to accept what is happening.

3. You want to be forgiven even if you have done nothing wrong. You're afraid of losing him for no reason. As a result, if a misunderstanding happens, even if you are not at blame, you should apologize and ask forgiveness. In the meantime, he makes threats to end the relationship. As a woman, you should never beg for affection. If it is what he wishes. Then you may let him go. Don't make any attempts to encourage someone to stay in the relationship or to end it.

4. You are unable to accomplish anything on your own. It is important that you do not rely on a man for your life on a consistent basis as a woman. Create a business that will help you financially in order to achieve your goals. In the name of a relationship, it is not always advisable to turn to a guy for guidance and direction.

5. You express your devotion for him, and he expresses his affection back to you. A healthy and perfect partnership necessitates a healthy and ideal balance of affections. It is essential that your spouse loves you in the same way as you are loved by him in order for the relationship to function smoothly.

6. you commit your entire self to your relationship. As a woman, you owe nothing to your husband or boyfriend. With the exception of the fact that he is your husband.

7. You're always flinging yourself in his direction.

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Are The Worst


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