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Memes that will leave you in stitches

How your parents look at you when the pastor says all the virg*ns should come out, let me pray for you and you are still sitting down I know I do not have money, but I did not like the way the ATM pushed my card

That moment you lied to your in-laws that you work at a oil company and they ask you who is the director of your own branch because they own an oil company too.

You now If you know you left a space in your Biology book for a diagram and did not draw..... gather here we have a brief meeting. Your husband is now 82, and he still enjoys chasing girls. Aren't you upset?

Why should I be upset? Dogs chase cars,but they can't drive Wife asks husband "please look after our son for few minutes until I do a quick shopping... and we all know what few minutes mean..Who else has never fainted since they were born. I swear no matter how I try, it won't work.

If you see the way your girlfriend is seriously telling another guy she doesn't have a boyfriend, you will know that is only God that loves you

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