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Husband and wife relationship

Is It Possible For A Man Of This Generation To Do This In Marriage?

Many people have their mentality or perspective on this subject. Especially when it comes to males. However, some ladies are against it as well. Let us lay a solid foundation for this topic today so that we can build on it tomorrow.

The query is still valid. Is it acceptable or inappropriate for husbands to assist with domestic chores?

Many people have expressed their opinions on the subject, but it appears to be causing a lot of misunderstanding among the public. Let's take a look at some comments below.

What are your thoughts? Is it correct or incorrect?

We are in Africa, specifically Ghana.

Some may try to bring in our cultural perspectives, while others will add their religious perspectives. But, for argument, let us pool our perspectives to find an answer to this question. If not an answer, at the very least to be informed about it.

More comments can be seen below.

Should a married man help his wife in the house?

Do you think it's right for the man to marry the lady even though he married her? To delegate all the household responsibilities to the lady. Cooking, washing, bathing, and sending children to school, as well as teaching them their homework, are all household responsibilities that married women are familiar with.

I thoroughly understand that males are responsible for all the hard labor that goes into putting food on the table for their families. However, after all of these onerous activities, some women work in their homes. Does it make a difference if guys help out around the house?

Please share your thoughts on this topic in the comment's area.

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