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6 Signs That You Are Dating The Wrong Person

It is commonly stated that love has no sight. In part, this explains why many individuals find themselves in relationships in which they are unhappy yet are unable to leave because they have made the intentional decision to overlook their partners' shortcomings. Following their marriage, a large number of people say that their partner's attitude toward them has altered. While their spouse may have been exhibiting warning signs for a long time, they were so taken with one another that they were unable to recognize them until after the fact. Some warning signs to look out for include the following.

1) Your moral standards are different from mine. If you look closely, you're both trying to force a square peg through a round hole. The things that you and your partner hold dear are at polar different ends of the spectrum. His or her dislikes are your loves, and vice versa; his or her dislikes are also your likes.

2) There is a lack of closeness in the connection. When it comes to sharing personal information about yourself, your life, and your family with one another, you find it challenging. Initially, they appear to be just interested in what you have to give at that particular moment.

3) Shrouded in secrecy. They are always concealing information from you. The information about their personal lives, prior relationships, and even their professional life is withheld from you. It's possible that you're not even aware of their source of income.

4) A lack of confidence. You have a negative impression of him or her all the time. Despite your best efforts, you are unable to trust the bulk of what they are saying.

5) There is a lack of mental tranquility. This is a big red signal in a romantic relationship. If you think your spouse is out of sync with God's purpose for your life and you are unable to attain real peace with them, you should consider retreating from the relationship.

6) You are always disputing or quarrelling with others.

Because your beliefs do not coincide, you find yourself continually quarrelling and apologizing in your relationship. It appears like you are enduring rather than enjoying your relationship, as the situation continues to shift back and forth.

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