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Meet the13-Year-Old Boy With A Natural Bag


Among them is Shadia, a teenage girl who was forced into marriage at a very young age and with a 13-year-old child with a natural bag named Abdul Mogisa

According to Shadia, she was forced to marry at a very young age which led to her becoming pregnant. She added that she gave birth to a baby boy and that two months later her husband died. This caused her late husband to hate her and her whole community.

Shadia has now moved into a new society because of the stigma and trauma she went through when she heard others call her the evil spirit she used to kill her husband and destroy her child.

While Abdul was growing up, Shadia later realized that her son was not only crippled but also deaf and mute above his back; a paralyzed spine with a sharp forward angle, forming a hump, often caused by a fall of a vertebra.

Because of the neglect, Shadia believed in her friends and community to include her only son because the insults she was facing did not go away quickly.

Keep going because the circumstances and challenges of life make it stronger and more resilient to teach and train us to overcome our fears in the end. Your most difficult time always leads to the greatest moments of your life.

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