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I did not know they are man who does bleach: Opinion

This is very upsetting to see that they are men who can go out of their way to have two skin colours. This guy has just ruined himself to mess that beautiful black skin that he had, as you can see now he have got two colours.

The face looks so different from the rest of the body. Why would people do this? They were the other funny comments that were posted on this, they were saying "different colours, one people. Why would people go out of their way to make fun of themselves like this. I mean if it was a lady I will do understand, maybe it will be an honest mistake, but this is a man that we are talking about.

What was he trying to do? Is he trying to charm ladies? Or is he trying to charm other men, because you may never know, maybe he is homosexual. This is very funny, but at the same time annoying to see that even men are doing this crazy stuff.

Is there anything to admire about bleaching or what is good about it? What makes people to take such an action. It's like God can help us to stop this abuse against our bodies. This is injustice towards the natural creation that God has done for us.

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