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Ladies hardly say Yes to a man 's Proposal Who approach her in this Manner

A crush is someone you feel an incredibly strong love for or someone who attracts you sexually. It can be difficult to get close to the person you like as most men generally don't know or say the right words as some men don't know how to do it. Starting a conversation with your crush without feeling embarrassed or offended will only bury your feelings deep inside you.

Today I am going to show you step by step how to have a chat with a girl of your choice. This is a self-deprecating tactic that worked 5 out of 10 times I've used it. Since some guys are still having a hard time talking to the girl they look up to, I'll share some basic tips below.

1. Be confident: Just as beauty is for a lady, so is confidence for a man. Ask yourself why this man who has better access to women is because he is SAFE. Confidence takes time, but you can do it without enough practice. There are several ways you can build your self-esteem through nice clothes, a good cologne, exercising, taking a step that increases your manhood, etc. Before contacting this lady, remember that she can say yes or no. Whatever their answer, don't take it to heart. He walks up to her with his chest outstretched and his eyes on hers. Please don't look down while talking to a lady.

2. Use short and clever lines: You don't need long letters to ask a girl out on a date. When asking someone out on a date, make sure your lines are simple, straightforward, and intelligent. Start by gently approaching her and saying hello. Use sentences like "Hello, can I take some time?" Whatever your answer, it determines the following statement. When you're paying attention, continue the conversation by saying, "Actually, I have nothing to say, I just saw you from this end and came to tell you that I love your shoe, your hair, etc.".Bag or hair etc. it would make her smile and she would love you.

3. Imagine first: Before you think about asking for her name, imagine that since you made her smile by complimenting her, she will listen to you, give her name and your job, and then hers and ask her name.


Tell him you want to be his friend and ask for his number. When they say they don't give their numbers to strangers, respond by saying, "I'm not a stranger, I know your name and job, and I really would like to get to know you better. "Presenting yourself this way would give the impression that you are an intelligent and lively person. If he still insists on not giving you his number, tell him it's okay and leave with dignity. After you get her number, what's next: Since your goal is for her to fall in love with you, you shouldn't be too excited that you got her number.

Don't drown them with unnecessary calls and texts. You don't have callers who are constantly bothering you to add to the list. Once you have their number, give them a call and find out what their hours are so you can meet offline. Calling her every time would make her feel like you are unemployed and consider you a distraction.

Asking them to meet them offline would increase their resemblance to you. I'm not saying you shouldn't talk to her, I'm just saying don't make it seem like you are obsessed with her. Your energy, time, and attention are too expensive to spend on a lady who would not appreciate it. If you find this piece useful, like, comment and share it. Don't forget to follow me to see more interesting and wonderful content.

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