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"I don't bother anyone, I just wake up and love my wife." Says Dr. Musa

Some people are really not okay with P.DA. which is the public display of Affection therefore they don't like when people showoff their partners.

South African Doctor, Dr Musa Mthombeni has fallen victim of being attacked for publicly loving his wife. For a while he would be trending after committing on his wife's pictures a lot of just posting pictures or cute videos about her. It's really not fair but they still bash him.

On Twitter a tweep ended up saying "Twitter is now flooded with relationship experts who are dishing out free advise to Dr Musa on how he should & shouldn't love his wife. Akunzima. Worse it's men, obsessively tweeting about another man's wife and marriage."

After a tweep said "Dr musa will regret posting about his wife soo much It will end in tears." A tweep replied saying "It still baffles me how y’all hate on Dr Musa for loving his wife loudly but will SBWL Ciara’s love. Being loved loudly is only good when it’s done by Hollywood stars? Tlogelang Musa please, even if it ends in tears he would have known Love. Rata Matome wa gago loudly nawe. "

This was all triggered by the fact that he went to his bachelor party wearing a shash written 'husband' and some people felt some type of way. He later went live on Instagram and said that "i dont bother anyone, i just wake up and love my wife." Hope that was enough to shut those who were feeling aome type of way about him.

I also really don't get the sudden obsession with his relationship with his wife. Let people display love the way they feel comfortable doing. It's not fair to constantly drag him and call him names just for loving his wife loudly n publicly.

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