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Wedding dress

The most beautiful Zulu wedding dresses = OPINION

The most beautiful Zulu wedding dresses

On their wedding day, Zulu ladies choose distinctive attire that can be altered more than three times. The traditional wedding costume of a Zulu woman consists of an isicwaya, a skin covering her chest, an isidwaba, and an inkehli hat. The bride accessorizes with bracelets and necklaces made of vibrant beaded crystals, which her bridesmaids also donned. The bride's arms and legs are adorned with red and white ochre patterns.

Additionally, the ladies of the day wore ankle-tied pebble bags and veils fashioned of beads and twisted fig leaves to provide rhythm to their dancing. The bride also had oxtail tassels on her knees and elbows. The bride carries an Assegai, a dagger that represents her virginity, and has a goat hair fringe around her neck.

Brides can also wear clothes like the ones below, which are identical to their prior costumes, for an Umembeso, or gifting ceremony.

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Assegai Zulu


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