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Do Not Leave Your Underwear At Your Boyfriend's House- Warn Sis Thembi in #Dlozlami

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami twitter page

Every week, #Dlozlami reminds us that we must never forget who we are as Africans. Things go wrong in life sometimes, not because the universe is conspiring against you, but because there is foul play. Thembi will teach you that we are continuously engaged in conflicts with unseen adversaries. When you don't do anything to fight for your life, sometimes prayer isn't enough.

People will bewitch you ka your undies if you watch #Dlozlami today. Ladies, please be cautious. The most terrible aspect of yesterday's episode is that those closest to her are the ones who are accountable for witchcraft and curses.

They made her laugh, cry, and even seek counsel from her, and in the end, they took four of her underwear. Persons should be aware of people like these.

People must be cautious with their belongings, particularly personal items, as this is how they strike you. Keep an eye out for your family, as well as friends that cannot be trusted. Underwear, hair, nails, money, teabags, sweat, brooms, birds, flies, mice, pencils, books, and food are just some of the materials that can be used to curse you. Stop borrowing people and make sure that when people give you food, you are aware of it. Your hair should be flashed, and your nails should be flashed.

Sis Thembi's caution should be heeded by those who enjoy visiting their boyfriends. Friendships can be risky. Not all of your pals will adore you and wish you happiness. No one will be pleased to watch your life flourish. Without your knowledge, a friend may sleep with your boyfriend. Women nowadays are incredibly hazardous, and if they want to take your lover, they can use the same amount of hair you left on him.

Thembi, sis Revealed that they have the power to curse your life, preventing you from having a boyfriend, causing a dispute in your marriage, and causing you to wake up and watch your lover fighting a battle you are unaware of.

The curse can drive you to leave your partner or husband without a struggle; you simply wake up, collect your belongings, and leave the house.

Source: Hashtag #Dlozlami twitter page

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