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5 Secret Things couples Do Before They Go To Bed. - OPINION.

1. Turn off your phone and put it away in silent mode.

The hormone oxytocin is suppressed in people who are addicted to social media. Bonding is facilitated by this hormone.

2. Put Work on the Backburner.

When you're in bed, try to forget about work and stop checking your work email. It's much better to put that money towards something else. You need to spend some time together and get some rest so you can be productive at work tomorrow.

3. Go to bed with your lover at the same time.

Many couples don't see each other throughout the day and go to bed at different hours. Brushing their teeth and going to bed at the same time are two things that happy couples do. It aids in the preservation of their relationship's warmth.

4. Stick to a schedule.

Having a consistent evening ritual helps you sleep better. Your brain receives a signal of impending nighttime while following a familiar Routine and prepares your body for sleep.

5. Have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Pay close attention to one another's emotions. You don't have to offer counsel or come up with quick solutions to difficulties. Sometimes all we want to do is converse and be cared for by our loved ones.

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