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OPINION - Why Is It That Most Beautiful Women Don't Get Married?

Why Is It That Most Beautiful Women Don't Get Married?

Beautiful women are for every man 

They are too proud 

They have less respect

They are not humble

They do not respect a man

They think they can get every man they want

Their attitude cost them marriages..

Hmmmm, no woman wishes to remain unmarried. These might be the causes.

1. When u mock people

2. Disappointment

3. When she feels too good over fellow women 

4. Pride

5. Reducing her age

6. She feels she still has time

7. When keep sleeping with ppls husbands ,making fellow women suffer.

It can be that Men fear them ,coz every eye of Aman is on them,men don't like hingh cometition,men like character not beuty,beuty attracts boyfriend,but character attracts husband.

Not like they don't get married,they are married every woman is beautiful please you mean those who are married are not beautiful no please you mean choice if chosing a woman to men who married it's not a gud choice no please think twice.

Because they attract lots of insects like flowers and bee's. Most of them they don't know wht is cause they it's all about money, Never forget that there is woman and there is wife so their status ends at woman and there is a lot you must change to qualify to be a wife so because of pride to them they can't make it.

They only likes guys with money and materials, those guys will use them until they leave them and at the end of day she will be single again and looking again for same man with money and materials. moment when she want to settle down than she noticed that she is not same as before bcs she splt with different guys and doesn't have that beauty again.

Sometimes men thinks that they can't take such a lady to be there wife and expect her to be submissive rather she will be cheating on them and prefer a lady who's not all that beautiful then ending up sleeping with the beauty and dumps her. Yet she could even make a very good wife too. That's not fair men... Women are all equal  looks doesn't matter the heart matters

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