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5 Tips to get a woman back | opinion

Here are 5 simple tips do you can get your woman back in no time

1) Eliminate all negative thoughts from your mind

the first tip that will help you get your woman back is to get your head in order. You have to learn to be strong and don’t allow your emotions and especially your depression to throw you down

2) Accept that the relationship is temporarily terminated

the relationship didn’t end in a day, so don’t expect it to be resolved quickly either. Being aware that at this moment your relationship is over is the first step to recover it.

3) Don't bother your ex

it is one of the most important tips. Women don’t like to be teased or made obsessed by men.if you really want to get her back, stay away for a while. Don’t call her or send messages or e-mails and don’t think about going to places where you know she will be even just to see her.

over time she will find that she made a mistake, she will eventually start to miss you.

4) Transform yourself

if you can, change your look a bit. Do Exercise. Exercise will improve your physique and your mind. But new clothes, change your hairstyle

when you look good on the outside, you will begin to tell good on the inside and by feeling good about yourself you will be more confident and happier.

5) No Rush

if you followed the advice above, your ex will contact you sooner or later, when she sees your new image, the happiness, the security that you transmit, she will be pleasantly surprised. You will probably feel bad about breaking up and want to give it a second chance.

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