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Man collapsed after discovering her girlfriend getting a proposal from her Pastor in the same Church



Reputable sources:Burgersfort TV


A young man fainted in the church after seeing his girlfriend agreeing to give a marriage proposal (Proposal) to the Pastor of the church where they were dating.

This is very sad and ashamed of themselves what they did is very painful. the man was not even expecting to see this in his own eyes woman will kill him alive with a heart attack.

This is the saddest thing ever in the world, to meet your partner while getting married to someone you know the one you never think that one day he can even break your heart and your relationship.


Social media people are unexpected and heartbroken to see such a relationship get broken by a pastor the man from God the man who used to tell them about God, but now he become satan in front of her church members, he become a cruel man in front of his church pastors.

Same pastors are cruel, not ashamed of themselves. they only go to church to take someone's girlfriends to be their wife's.this is not far at all especially how the boyfriend colleges.


Cheating in a relationship is not a solution how you cannot just dump your partner or broke up before you look for someone right for you and then break some heart.

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