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'See The Funny Apology Letter A Guy Wrote To His Girlfriend

Despite the fact that it is a sad and humorous letter, this man's apologetic letter to his lover was written by him.

In a letter, he expressed his regret for not being able to attend the burial of his girlfriend's father.

He then vowed to pay her a visit when the girl's mother passed away. He couldn't even entertain such a possibility at this time.

Instead of demonstrating deeper sorrow over his father's death by refusing to attend his burial, he chose to write this provocative message to his girlfriend as a way of expressing his feelings.

According to the letter, he was broke and had no money at the time of the burial, which was the primary reason he was unable to attend the ceremony.

For the ladies, imagine yourself in this position: your spouse has written to you and you have no idea what to do.

Do you want to remain in touch with him, or would you want to put an end to your relationship with him?

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