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Easy steps to take to have a healthy relationship

Tom Bilyeu is widely known for hosting Inside Quest and impact theory but Tom and wife regularly share tips about relationships

Learning or knowing how to independently co-depend on your partner may sound a bit tricky honestly it is very simple, it allows room for growth and change without feeling threatened and simple steps to that will be explained

1. write down a shared goal of your relationship

It doesn't really have to be written down but writing it do emphasize of how much the goal is valued, it also puts one at ease when the goal is similar

2. Do your best to lift your partner up

consistently being there for your partner, helping her/him towards their personal goals, it makes them know that she got my back/he got my back

3. Realise that your happiness is your sole responsibility

if you are not happy alone/single you might not be happy in a relationship, a happiness/sadness etc.. emotions in general can be contagious

4. Take a leadership role in a relationship

Most of the time do things that are good for you it is important that you are the one leading, be showing your partner what pleases you, lead when you talk nota bene leading doesn't mean be bossy

5. Never be afraid to follow in a relationshipIt is important to know that you should not always lead but to also follow when your partner leads

6. Share your lives, don't just live together

This is important and self explanatory

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