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Indian Girls status got black men responding to her, This is what she had to say.

(Image of girl used for reference purposes only)

In a status posted earlier today an Indian girl attracted a lot of attention from Black South African men. In her status she stated that she finally understood why the Kardashians loved black men. However she didn't say why that was, just that she had realized it. Below you can see her status as well as what other men had to say about it.

This is her original status, the names have been blocked out for anonymity. However as we can see in ten hours she got thirty six responses and nineteen comments. So let's look at what some of those were.

In her first status she tagged her friend who shared her sentiment on the issue. Saying they would create a group chat and pick which men they want. While I find this a shallow, people can choose to do things however they want too.

Of course some guys started responding immediately, asking her to give them a chance while giving her compliments. Some men had pretty smooth words while shooting their shot.

Of course the response to her status was good, however the fact that she said she wanted multiple men may have turned some people off. Still I'm not here to judge. People should love their lives however makes them happy.

At the very core of this I'm glad that she was able to admit what she liked on a public platform, not everyone can do that and she should consider herself incredibly brave. In a time when South Africa has so much racism around it, people who don't see race and just love is needed more and more. So maybe we can learn a lesson from her. What do you think South Africa, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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