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How To Tell Your Partner That You Are HIV Positive

As much as people are no longer scared of the HIV & AIDS virus, some are still living with it and it's affecting their lives on daily basis. For someone out there who is HIV Positive and has no idea how to tell your partner who is HIV Negative then this article is for you.

Disclosing an HIV Positive status with someone you have sexual encounters with can be scary and stressful. It is very normal for you to worry about their reaction since everyone has their own stigma surrounding this virus. However you need to be brave since at some point you will have to go through this....there is no way around it.

Here is how you can go about disclosing your HIV Positive status to your loved ones:

Research about this virus. Know all the facts surrounding it such as prevention methods or family planning. Do this so that you can answer their questions later on.

Your emotional well-being is very important. Make sure that you are emotionally ready before talking to them.

Be patient and sensitive when breaking the news because you will never know how they will react.

There will be alot of questions from them, be prepared to answer them as honestly and openly as much as you can.

Support goes both ways, encourage them as well to go test and know their status.

It does not matter if it's a long term or short term commitment. Let the person you are sleeping with know your HIV status. Learn to speak up about it for your mental health.

When telling them, put yourself in their shoes. Imagen how you would react if your partner told uou that they are HIV Positive. If they need space, give them and also do not play victim if they decide to walk away. It is within their rights.

Note that this can either make or break your relationship. It would be great if it brings you closer together since you are also a human being or bring uou apart. At the end of the day keep your head held high and be proud of yourself.

Stigma only has power when you give into it. The way your partner will react is a way that anyone else will. Do not have alot of unrealistic expectations just because they love you.


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