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OPINION: If You Grew Up With A Girl In An Area, Never Do These Things If You Want Respect From Her

I have heard many men saying that the girls in their area are disrespectful because they leave in the same area and they grew together that is why they don't respect us. Their guess may be right but many things must have contributed to the reason why those girls don't respect you.

I want you to note that respect is reciprocal, give respect to those who deserve it and you would get the same respect back. But in this case, men there are some things you need to avoid doing towards girls that you grew together with if you want them to respect you back. 

You have to avoid what I would be mentioning below because if you don't, no girl in your area that would respect you.

First, you must avoid playing with girls you grow within your area a lot. This is the first point because it is very important, it's normal for girls to disrespect people they grow together with the same area as long as those men play with them a lot. So respect yourself, if you want to play, play a little.

Secondly, don't even make the mistake of telling a girl you grow up within the same area that you love her, except if you want to get married to her or have a very serious relationship with her. Casual love life with a girl in the same area may bring some disrespect for you as a man, especially if the girl is not very mature.

Thirdly, always have a meaningful conversation with any girl in your area, avoid unnecessary talks that will bring disrespect for you in the area. Also know when to talk and when to keep quiet.

Finally, always make sure you look good in the area because if you don't, the girls will begin to disrespect you because of your dressing and how you do things.

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