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Make-up is not for everyone, see what a lady did to disappoint her boyfriend on social media


Women like to force things they see on social media, forgetting that not everything will suite us all. A young woman disappointed her boyfriend on social media after sharing an image of her before and after applying make-up. To her it was a dream come true, little did she realize that people who will be commenting on her images will be blaming the man who is dating her.

People started mocking her for not being real to herself. Since she looks different when answering a video call vs a profile picture she has on social media. Fact that she felt found to achieve likes on the platform people roasted her for not knowing how to apply makeup correctly.

Our sisters need to learn the importance of self love, trying to be beautiful by applying make is a total disrespect. People lose the respect they had for you if you as a person fail to admit the truth " Haole motsho o motsho" shine and the world will admit and honour you.

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