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10 reasons why your woman does not respect you

In this article, I am going to talk about the reasons why the woman you are dating or you are pursuing doesn't respect you. We all know that if a woman doesn't respect you as a man, the relationship won't work and it won't be fun. Most of these things are the things you are doing you just need to change, but some of them you have no control over. Here are the reasons why a woman doesn't respect you.

1. You are a yes man

Being a yes man means that you are her servant. You are ready to do everything she wants you to do. You are walking on eggshells. You just can not stand up against her because you are scared that she will leave you. This shows that you have placed her above you. You see her as more important than you and she will also see you that way. She will treat you like a servant. I'm not saying that you shouldn't help a woman but you shouldn't do it at your expense. Never let women use sex to manipulate you.

2. You are short

Unfortunately, this one you have no control over. There is nothing you can do about your height. Women are women, they want what they want. If you are shorter than her, she won't take you seriously. She will look down on you.

3. You are too needy

You have abandoned your friends. You have nothing else happening in your life. She can see that you need her and you cannot live without her. You always want to be around her. You don't give her space to do her own thing. What you need to understand is that she doesn't want to feel like she is your mother. You need to have a life outside of her. If you are a guy who needs emotional support from women, no woman is going to respect you. Women are attracted to emotionally strong men. A man who can live without a woman.

4. You come too early

This means that you ejaculate prematurely or you just have a weak penis. Women get annoyed by the guy who always comes before them or a guy who is just weak in bed. She is going to cheat with a guy who is going to satisfy her needs.

5. You are chasing her

Chasing means that you are persuasive. You don't accept rejection. The best thing you can do when a woman rejects you or shows any sign that she is not interested is to just move on. Don't come up with tricks to change her mind. What most men don't understand is that it is up to her whether she likes you or not.

6. She earns more than you

If she earns more than you or she is the one who is working and you don't have a job, either way, she won't respect you. She will assume the masculine role. Men are traditionally known to be providers. So if you can't provide and she can, you will be the woman of the house.

7. You don't appear as authentic

You use pick-up lines. You also use strategies you heard or read on the internet. Women are not stupid. They can see through you when you are not real.

8. The way you dress

People, and not just women but people in general will judge you based on how you dress. If you are going to sag your pants like a college boy, she will treat you that way.

9. She is older than you

Women reach maturity faster than men. This is why you should be at least five years older than the woman you are dating. If she is older than you, she will feel like she is smarter than you and she will treat you like a child.

10. She has daddy issues

Women who have daddy issues believe that men are trash. She believes that every man is like her dad. These types of women don't trust men and because they have low self-esteem, they go for men who are not right for them.

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