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Boity reveals that she expects her boyfriend to give her at least R450 000 girlfriend allowance

(Source: - @khawula_musa)

A video clip that has been trending on social media caused a stir around people and the whole dating industry. As it has given another description of preferences. Before entering into a relationship, the rules and regulations have to be set, which will include boundaries and expectations. In most cases, you would hear people telling others about expectations, as they feel they should be toned down a bit. As some feel that certain individuals are not being realistic with their preferences. At the end of the day, everyone is allowed to be blunt about what they want from their partner. Ideally, every relationship should maximise its commitment, love, honesty, and communication. As those are the main building blocks of a long-lasting relationship.

However, nowadays most people prioritise money and good s*x, hence, unconditional love has been harder to find. Now, a video clip of the South African media personality and businesswoman Boity Thulo has left people stunned on Twitter, as she revealed that she’s expecting “at least R450 000” girlfriend allowance from her boyfriend. Most people felt that the amount that Boity wanted was too much. This meant that she allegedly dates millionaires. Since not many men even make R450 000 per annum. Hence, they felt that she’s was just being entitled to men’s money. When she’s already making money within her career and businesses. 

*Alex Macheka (@xceller7) said, “Entitlement is the real pandemic here.” 

*Lebogang (@lebogang_mzansi) said, “For me is not an amount that is a problem. Is the I deserve his money.”

*Bohlale (@YnwBohlale6) said, “Do you have that money in your account now, and do you have enough to give her for the whole year, don’t come here and embarrass yourself.”

What confused certain men within the comment session in the video, that was posted by Khawula Musa (@khawula_musa) on Twitter was that they didn’t understand the reason behind the R450 000 girlfriend allowance. This was the Bakae hitmaker’s preference, as she’s dating certain tax bracket individuals. “I wouldn’t bother you, it’s not undoable, it’s not possible. And maybe it will motivate your guy to like work even harder,” said Boity on the video.

*Porga Pasbee (@PPasbee) said, “Next day she’s gone or cheating with a broke n*gga eating without a fee.”

*Lehana-puso (@mphuthi1990) said, “She’s dreaming, rich men don’t date f*t old chicks.”

*Kgothatso (@kgothat13809310) said, “When you are broke you will disagree with what @Boity is saying.”

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Date: 14/11/2021

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