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Wedding planning scene

W0W || See The Wedding That Costed R8k And Left People Talking, See What People Are Saying Here

Date : 08 October 2021

It is lovely to walk down aisle to marry the love of your life. Marrying someone who is able to put a smile on your face and make you their first priority. Being in a relationship is one of the priceless moments in life. We all need people that we will able to create beautiful memories with and grow old together. People that we can build future with and live happily after.

We need more love stories to encourage those who believe that love is a thing of the past to see that it still exit. Your past experiences in love should never make you to stop loving or being loved.It's every women's wish to walk down the aisle and marry their love of their lives.We are all aware that weddings are expensive.

Planning a wedding tends to be very costing. It is one of the issue that makes people to never want to have a wedding as some consider it to be a waste of money. To have a wedding costs thousands of rands depending on the kind of wedding that you want and think it's beautiful for you.

Well a new bride known as Palesa on Facebook has shown the world that a wedding doesn't have to expensive. It looks like you can walk down the aisle and tie a knot with your loved one without paying a lot of money. Taking it to social media the lady showed the world her wedding that costed only R8000. 00.This wedding was really cheap.Palesa Ngobeni considers this as her perfect wedding.

She revealed that she could not have an expensive wedding and rather decided to do a small wedding that happened to cost her R8000. 00.Her wedding only had 15 guests and no cake. This proves that you don't really need a lot of money to find yourself being married in a perfect wedding.Her wedding melted the hearts of many people and they have wished her a happy life in her marriage. What's your take about this?.

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