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Here are the ways you can nurture your friendships

Giving and taking is an important part of developing and sustaining strong friendships. You may be the one providing assistance at times, and you may be the one receiving assistance at other times. Friendships can be strengthened by letting them know you care about and appreciate them. It's just as vital for you to be a good friend as it is to have excellent friends around you.

Here are the ways that you can nurture your friendships

Be kind

This fundamental conduct, which was emphasized in childhood, is still at the heart of effective adult relationships. Consider friendship to be your emotional savings account. This account is credited with every act of kindness and display of thanks, while criticism and negativity deplete the account.

Listen up

Inquire about the lifestyles of your pals. Eye contact, body language, and occasional brief comments like "That sounds great" let the other person know you're paying attention. Be sympathetic when friends share specifics of terrible times or events, but don't offer counsel until your friends specifically request it.

Open up

By telling your friends about yourself, you can build intimacy with them. Allowing personal experiences and concerns to be shared demonstrates that your friend holds a significant place in your life and strengthens your bond.

Show that you can be trusted.

Forming good friendships requires being responsible, dependable, and dependable. Keep your commitments and show up on time. Follow through on promises you've made to your pals. Keep confidential information private when you and your friends share it.

Make yourself available

It takes time – together — to develop a close bond. Make an effort to see new acquaintances on a regular basis and to keep in touch with them between get-togethers. You may feel awkward the first few times you talk on the phone or get together, but as you become more familiar with each other, this sensation will fade.

Manage your nerves with mindfulness.

You can find yourself picturing the worst-case scenarios in social situations and wanting to stay at home. To modify your thoughts, try mindfulness activities. Pay attention to how often the embarrassing circumstances you're frightened of actually happen each time you picture the worst. You may discover that the scenarios you are afraid of rarely occur.


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