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Divorce Affair

What Are your Thoughts If You Meet Someone Who Is Divorced Twice?

What are your thoughts if you meet someone who is divorced twice?

I’ve been married & divorced twice. I have a bad picker. They cheat. I would hope that some guy might give me a chance someday & not just assume I’m damaged goods .

Ask them why and go from there. They might just pick the wrong person multiple times. Maybe they move too fast. But I wouldn’t think it was automatically a bad thing at all. I have 4 kids by three different guys. My first was a serious LONG relationship he just just wasn’t ready for kids, my second was a one time with no protection and then my twins were with my husband because he wanted more but now can’t even see them because child abuse. Soooo I know I get judged but oh well it’s life..

I was married at 21 divorced at 22. Nobody explained to him that marriage meant no more dating other women, I was married again at 26 divorced at 41. He was a cop and became mean amd controlling to myself and our twin boys. I had to leave, And I then went on to build a career and raise our sons into the exceptional men they are today, Before you judge someone get the full story and that should apply to everything in life. 

I really believed in the third time is a charm. I don’t think it means there is something wrong with that person, definitely need to listen to the circumstances before deciding. I don’t believe I will remarry again, been there three times and really first one was he cheated, 2nd he was illegal and deported and third I was too grown to take crap from anyone so I chose to leave. Unfortunately it has not been easy and trusting someone new will take a lot a lot a lot of work. I am doing great on my own, four years now - new job - great salary - just bought a home in 2020 - so it’s all good - but anyone should give a chance to listen at least before judging that there is something wrong with someone you never know - maybe that third one was not the charm

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