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Husband and wife relationship

"A maid must never make food for your partner or enter your bedroom. You will regret "

There is a reason why we hire maids in our homes. In this day and age, keeping the household in order (and clean!) seems like too big a challenge, especially if you have kids, pets, a job, or any of them! While the time constraint of everyday life is steadily on the rise, the amount of home cleaning one can manage is definitely on the decline!

One of the most common reasons for needing a housekeeper to take care of the home chores is simply because time does not permit you to do it. Nowadays, everyone has a busy schedule and face it; if you don’t devote enough time to cleaning, you’ll only be getting half the job done or lesser! For a professional, this is their job and hence, they invest a good amount of time into doing it perfectly.

Should a maid enter a couples' bedroom or prepare food for the husband? This is a topic that sparked a debate on social media. Batha (a lady featured in this article) believes a maid must never make food for a husband or enter the bedroom of couples reason being that a lot can happen when the wife is not present.

The bedroom is one of the places that are to be private. If you need to keep your home, always ensure that you leave the full maid to do other chores. Do the bedding, and if it is to clean, do it yourself. A maid should not enter into your bedroom since it may lead to some irrespective manner.

A full time maid may easily turn out to be the housewife if, as a wife, you don’t know your work. Most men love to be well and always award for excellent work. If the maid does all the work for the husband, cleans the children and maintains the house she might end up getting you divorced.

Some chores, such as serving the husband, should be the role of a wife and can never be diverted to any other person, not even a maid.

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