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5 Most Adorable Gay Mzansi Celebrities - Photos

Source: (Why Are People Gay? Homosexuality Stats, Myths & Stereotypes)

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Many individuals are curious about what makes somebody gay. The explanation is likely a combination of emotional, hormonal, biological, and environmental factors. Genes can have a part in determining sexuality, although their influence is minimal, accounting for approximately 8-25 percent of the total. This article will deconstruct this and other homosexuality statistics, as well as myths and preconceptions about gays and the LGBT+ community as a whole and also show you 5 of the most adorable gay Mzansi celebs.

1. Gcabashe Mzamo

As a result, many distinct factors contribute to someone being gay, and these factors may differ depending on the individual. So, when it comes to explaining why people are gay, the answer is actually pretty difficult.

However, it is reasonable to expect that at least one of the aforementioned factors will play a role. When deciding whether or not people are born homosexual, it is critical to consider whether or not there is a gene that influences sexuality. Many research have been conducted on this subject, and scientists have found that genes can only account for roughly 8-25 percent of the reasons why people are gay. As a result, there is undoubtedly a contributing role, but as previously said, there are other factors at work as well. Furthermore, homosexuality has been reported in species other than humans. In fact, scientists have documented gay behavior in over 450 different species.

2. Gobeni, Anathi

Is it more frequent for pedophiles to be members of the LGBT+ community? There is a widespread misperception that pedophiles are more likely to be LGBT+ people. The truth is that the vast majority of pedophiles are not gay or LGBT+ in any way. In fact, research reveal that heterosexual men conduct 90 percent of child molestation.

Are homosexual people more intelligent? Many people wonder if there is a link between homosexuality and IQ. Many members of the community say that they have noticed a correlation between homosexuality and high intelligence in their lives, although the results are unclear.

3. Dambuza, Lasizwe

What exactly is the gay lifestyle? When it comes to the ‘gay lifestyle,' there is undoubtedly a stereotype. Many people try to describe it, but there is no such thing as a ‘gay lifestyle.' LGBT+ individuals differ from one another in the same ways that heterosexual individuals differ from one another.

4. Dlal a Khaya

5. Selbeyonce

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