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Divorce Affair

Man Files For Divorce After Seeing His Wife Do This With Another Man

When Nathaniel Aseidu claims to have allegedly caught his wife kissing another man, John Kowie, he is suing her for divorce. The district court registrar of Asante Akyem Central stated that John, the 50-year-old boss of Nathaniel's wife, must support or ignore Akosua Aseidu in regaining her husband's love. In the wake of two unsuccessful marriage counseling sessions, Nathaniel Asiedu and his wife Akosua Asiedu Mathilda are gearing up for their six-seat divorce hearings.

When Nathaniel Aseidu, the husband of Counsellor Oppong Nicholas' report, is hiding something from his wife, he is also using that peck to evict her from their home so that he can carry out his plans behind closed doors. According to the report from counsellor Oppong, Nathaniel should be investigated for extramarital affairs before the divorce proceedings are heard in the Konongo Odumase District Court

To show professionalism in the counselling hearing, Nathaniel who has disputed reports from the counsellor has accused the counsellor of being his wife's brother. Her brother-in-law is acting as a divorce counselor and painting me in a bad light because I caught my wife cheating on me. My wife and her boss were having a passionate kiss when I saw them; I witnessed it. Nathaniel bent over the Judge's desk to show the Judge a picture of a romantic kiss between two adult lovers, claiming that it was not a peck.

You can only imagine what they're up to behind the scenes. According to Nathaniel, who was desperate to escape his wife, my last born does not even reconstruct me, and a DNA test done five months ago proved that girl is not even my child. In Akosua Aseidu's defense, she claimed that her boss gave her a friendly peck because she had just been promoted.

It is my daughter, the one my husband is referring to, that he is talking about. Akosua fought her husband's claims on their daughter's paternity test by requesting a plain DNA test at a hospital that everyone knows and seeing if the results were positive again. As of October 2020, the Konongo Oduamse District Court has attempted to rekindle the couple's relationship through a series of counseling sessions, but all have failed because Nathaniel continues to insist on divorcing them.

Judge Priscilla Yeboah ordered the court registrar to forward the couple to a preliminary ADR session this morning during a hearing in her office chambers (out of court settlement). Nathaniel Aseidu thanked the court with a full smile, but his wife Akosua Aseidu still believes that the court can save their marriage.

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