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How men mix this muthi to keep their body strong all day


When you are a bread winner it is never easy to keep working without thanking yourself, a man needs to keep in shape almost everyday. And this comes down to what he drinks during the day before going back home. With this muthi a man stays in good condition since the muthi helps with energy through out the day.

Most women do not understand why their boyfriends keep buying this muthi from street vendors, the truth is it takes natural herbs to run like Usain Bolt. When it comes to health it is every men's responsibility to make sure that he is health to work out everyday of the month.

Since his family depends on him a men who is lazy cannot build a family, children need food to eat. This comes down to what is it that keeps your men energetic to take any food in order to put food on the table. Mpesu has kept many people healthy and vibrant during summer and winter. Never deny him this muthi it coud be what he needed to stay up early in the morning for a job hunt. Instead of sleeping until 11am.

Men mix Mpesu with Mageu or Milk the combo does the most especially on a hot day, it becomes hard for him to sweat.

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Mpesu Usain Bolt


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