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Dating Romantic

How to make him feel special. My opinion.

Compliment him

As much as guys make it seem like they don't like to be complimented,

they love it. In fact, they crave it. It boost their ego a little. Well, a lot.

Don't reject him

Everyone loves to be appreciated, not rejected.

Show him how much you care for him.

By doing little things he loves.

Like, watching his favourite football team with him.

Even though you could be doing something else.

Appreciate him

Show your man how much you love him.

Be there for him in times of despair and even

when he's excited about something. Even when he's happy.

Support him

Encourage him every once in a while.

Support his dreams. Every guy needs a girl who

will be there for him when he needs someone. Be that someone.

Give him space

Giving him space doesn't mean neglecting him.

It means giving him time to himself.

Time to meet with his friends, to socialize and do other things.

Listen to him

Hear him when he speaks.

Even when he talks about a game you know nothing about.

Even though he talks about his favourite gadget he's been saving for.

Love him

Kiss him every once in a while, hug him, touch him, play with him.

Hold his hand in public and be proud of him.

Show the whole world he's yours. Guys love that too.

They want to be reassured that they are still loved by their significant other.

Give him long hugs

Everyone loves to be hugged.

So hug your man every once in a while.

He'll be head over heels with you.

Show him he's a priority

Text him now and then, but not too much because he'll run for his dear life if you overdo it. He'll think you're clingy. Call him and ask about his day. Whether he's okay or not.

Trust him

Trust is every relationship's foundation.

Without it, there's no relationship. Show him how much you trust him.

Let him know you miss him

When he gets a text from you telling him how much you miss him, the smile on his face will forever be there when he sees you. He won't wait to see you. In fact, if you're staying together, when he knocks off, he'll come straight home.

Be affectionate with him

Kiss his neck when you hug him. They absolutely love it. They don't only love it, they crave it.

Touch his back when you're walking together. You'll see him looking at you with that proud smile that says 'God I love this woman'. Believe me, he'll fall for you harder.

Don't force him to change or control him

Let him be him. Appreciate him just the way he is. I mean, everyone has their own flaws. No one's perfect. Don't force him to change anyless. If he's not him, who else do you want him to be?

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