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I made dinner for my partner, a lady boasts on Twitter, But Mzansi, Pointed this on The Chicken

I made dinner for my partner, a lady on Twitter, But Mzansi, Saw Something Wrong with the chicken.

The dinner that the lady prepared for her partner was chicken and chips. On the plate posted on social media, there were a few chips and three pieces of chicken thighs. The problem with the chicken was that it was raw, one piece looked like it had been spiced while the other 2 looked more like they were just taken out of the deep freezer.

People were surprised how was she going to dish her man raw chicken she should cook it again. They asked if load shedding started when she had just put meet on the pot, if so electricity would be back after two hours, and she could continue with cooking. Some advised her to put the chicken in the microwave for two minutes. Strange enough, she said she did not want to overcook the chicken

The whole dinner looked more like a joke, we hope the partner does not get sick from food poisoning and does enjoy the food


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