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Husband and wife relationship

Signs of Isichitho in a Relationship- opinion

Life is tough and relationships are tougher and complicated. Another in this life can be confirmed. One minute, you're inlove with someone the next you hate each other's guts.

Ok story time, so there was this woman who was married to a very wealthy man. The one did everything you can ever imagine for his wife. Cars on the birthdays, vacations you name it.

This woman had friends, so naturally she'll share everything with them like friends does. Little did she know that her best friend envied her, she wanted her life.

One day, the best friend went to a sangoma and got umuthi to ruin her friends life. The husband then started hating his wife. The isichitho has been put into action to destroy their love and life.

To cut the story short. They divorced because of a jealous friend. The wife never suspected this months went on, the friend is now married to her husband.

Signs of isichitho in a relationship

1# Having disgusting dreams such as frog, worms, poop and so on.

2# Dreaming Having an Intercourse with a stranger.

3# Sudden skin changes, experiencing pimples or itchness in the face.

4# People switching up on you

5# People saying you're smelly even if you've bath

6# less attractive and appealing

7# Endless fight and arguments out of the blue.

8# Being fired at work for no reason.

If you ever notice any of these signs in your relationship. Wake up and smell the coffee. Go,go,go consult a sangoma on your issue before it's too late. Isichitho has destroyed alot of people's lives.

There are so many relationships that have been destroyed because of this witchcraft. Believe or not it all up to you at the end of the day.


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