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Signs of a dying relationship.

Relationships are at the core of the most important things we do, not only as leaders but also as humans.

Relationships are how we form partnerships and families and organizations and communities.

All relationships--personal and professional--experience ups and downs. There are great times when you can almost read each other's minds, followed by challenging periods when you seem to be miles apart.

Has your relationship been through a rough patch lately that doesn’t seem to end? You may want to check out these signs of a dying relationship and see if it’s time to let the relationship go – for your sake, and your partner’s.


You argue about the same things.

And you do it over and over (and over) also and never seem to clear the air. You both think like you're the loser and that you often have to protect your position.

You feel criticized and put down.

This vacates you feeling less than "good enough." According to renowned relationship expert Dr. John Gottman, criticism is one of the main justifications why marriages collapse.

Your s£x life is non-existent

When you’ve lost the emotional connection, the physical one is quick to follow. If you are still having s£x, but it is passionless, dull and routine, you need to start evaluating if this is the end of the relationship.

If this is where you are, it is time to acknowledge that you are living in a dying relationship which is nearing its end.


Healthy, thriving relationships are built on communication. You need to be able to have meaningful conversations with your partner about your emotions, career, dreams, future plans, etc. If silence has become the third wheel in your relationship or the only time you talk to each other is to ask about your day, it’s not looking good.


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