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4 Stupid Questions Women Ask Men to Ruin the Relationships

The greater mature and stable girls will see the absurdity of those questions.

Source: Twitter

There are solutions to the questions from the person you're relationship with to help you as a female in any manner.

Here are the questions.

Qn #1: Will You Cheat On Me?

No guy, of their proper mind, might solution, “Yes, I will cheat on you.”

Does their solution assure that they won’t cheat? No.

Here is what’s incorrect with asking your date the sort of query.

He will do something he wants, and you haven't any manipulate over his actions. His solution is beside the point inside the future.

By asking the query, you both assumed he may cheat on you, or you're evaluating him to different dishonest guys.

Most girls ask this query since they may be cheated on again.

The famous cliché is true; guys are hunters.

But, they cost familiarity and balance greater than experimenting and risk.

Source: Twitter

What to do instead

Don’t ask him if he's going to cheat on you.

Be stable on your queen power, and recognize that you could appeal to and hold a devoted guy.

Practice and stay with the aid of using the sort of statement.

You don’t want his solution to recognize he won’t cheat you. But you could manipulate his interest far from or toward you.

Think approximately this — guys are like wild beasts which can come to be domesticated with the aid of using the proper master.

Qn #2: What Makes You Different?

This query is all approximately comparison.

If you're searching for a person, the query makes sense. If you need to construct an existence with a partner, the query is stupid.

At least matters will show up in case you ask this query.

He will faux his persona to thrill you, get what he wants, after which leave.

He will see that you'll constantly need to examine him and that feeling will make him leave.

What to do instead?

The opportunity is simple. Get to recognize your guy, and you may recognize his uniqueness.

They mustn’t examine in your beyond relationships to work.

They simplest must be inclined to undergo the technique of constructing a dating with you.

Both of you'll determine your precise manner to create your precise dating.

Qn#3: Are You Going to Marry Me?

While studying those questions, I got here throughout an exciting concept from Steve Harvey.

Men don’t dream approximately marriage. That’s an afternoon for the female.

Men dream approximately the female in their dreams—the one.

How do you recognize you're the one?


If you're too essential to him that it feels incorrect without you, you're the one.

2. If his existence is an awful lot higher and less complicated with you, he doesn’t need to be without you.

What to do instead?

Whatever features you have, some guys seeking out those.

For example,

All guys want to support. And distinct girls provide distinct forms of support.

When you're the proper support, he can’t sense higher without you. He will marry you due to the fact he desires to deal with you.

Why take care of you? He has to due to the fact you're his precise support.

Source: Twitter

Qn#4: Do You Think She is Prettier Than Me?

Most girls assume the subsequent is true, however, it’s not.

If a person appears, then a person wants.

Your guy staring at the bodily look of any other female doesn’t imply he's going to pursue her.

There is a complicated technique of pursuing a brand new female wherein maximum guys aren't inclined to make investments in their time and energy.

If, and simplest if, they have already got a strong supply of what they want.

What to do instead?

When you ask the query, it triggers his interest to examine your splendor with hers.

Yes, appearances are essential, however, if he requested you out, you already appear excellent to him.

And consider me, he isn't always going round the road evaluating you with the whole lot he sees. Plus, you couldn't be on top of things of what he appears at.

But. You are on top of things of who he remains with.


Let’s hold it simple.

Make positive you're someone you'll live within case you had been him. The relaxation will deal with itself.

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