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A Guy Turned Into a Laughing Stock After People Noticed this On His Pictures.


The world we live in is a world in which peer pressure and fashion trends have gained control of our identity. The impact of social media and celebrities has grown to such an extent that people are even faking things in order to be taken seriously in other parts of the world. People who purchase counterfeit goods from Indian and Chinese retailers in order to impress others are particularly prevalent in the fashion and financial sectors. In the Chinese markets, you will find a plethora of knockoffs of high-end companies' clothing being sold at a very low price, but with no regard for the originality of the designs. 

A lot of people go through a lot merely to fit in or appear fancy in front of the general public while in reality they are not. Some people even go to the length of borrowing clothes from their buddies when they are attending events or social gatherings with their friends. It wasn't that long ago that a video went viral showing a young woman being caught stealing clothes from a well-known and costly department store because she wanted to look beautiful on her day out with friends. This is quite humiliating. 

When it comes to buying phony clothes, there are viral photographs of a little boy who posted his photos of himself trying to flex with costly brands' outfits, but unfortunately, he turned into a joke as a result of his efforts. He released his images in the hopes of receiving notoriety and praise for wearing costly clothing, but he quickly became a laughing stock after it was discovered that he was wearing a set of phony garments. The worst thing was that he was wearing his new garments with a pricing tag that was also a forgery, but the Twitter detectives were on the case and discovered it right away. Take a look at the images below: 

According to the opinions expressed in the comments section, the man purchased a t-shirt that looked like Fabian's for R99 from one of the Indian shops. He then added a 19 to the end of the 99 to make the price appear to be R1999 instead of R1999. When this was discovered, the audience burst out in laughter. Take a look at some of the comments below: 


Those who let fashion and peer pressure to dictate their lives will suffer as a result. You will spend the rest of your life attempting to be someone that you are not. Purchasing counterfeit clothing is not a good idea because they are of poor quality. It is preferable to purchase items that are within your budget but of high quality. Which way do you lean on this issue? Please share your thoughts in the section below. 

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