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The Secrets Of A Successful Long Distance Relationship

When it comes to relationships, distance may be a real test. For some couples, distance has always been a part of their relationship; this is the case for those who met while on vacation and are pursuing their love in separate cities.

Others are forced to live apart by the circumstances of their lives, whether for professional reasons or to pursue more education, for example. Doctissimo offers some suggestions for maintaining a fulfilling relationship, even when you are separated.

1. Know what to expect:

In order for a relationship to work, it is critical for each member of the pair to understand what kind of relationship they want. This is why it is critical to clearly state your expectations as well as the lengths to which you are willing to go in order to obtain your spouse. "Do I see myself with him or her in X years?" or "How are we going to overcome the problem of distance in the near future?" are examples of queries that can be raised.

2 Take advantage of new technologies:

Until recently, a long distance relationship might be both complicated and expensive, on top of the fact that it was time consuming. Calls had to be brief, if not uncommon, and most of the communication was done through the mail. However, thanks to email, videoconferences, and even free text messages, it is now feasible to interact with individuals all over the world in a timely and effective manner... So take advantage of the situation.

3. See each other as much as possible:

If an opportunity to view oneself comes itself, take use of it as soon as possible! In order to avoid giving the impression that one of the two is exerting greater effort than the other, it is preferable to take turns making the journey. You can also meet up in locations that are approximately equal distances from your respective residences, allowing you to discover a new location with each reunion.

4. Do activities together:

Despite the distance, there are numerous activities to enjoy with a companion. Visit museums (some of which give virtual tours), cook (of course you will not be able to taste the cuisine from the other), attend a concert, etc. All of these activities are possible at the same time as watching a movie. Together, you and your partner will have a great time brainstorming all of the things you can do together even when you are not in the same physical area.

5. Have faith in him:

Infidelity is usually the greatest concern of couples who live apart from one another. As soon as he tells you about this new female at work, your mind begins to run wild, don't you think? Naturally, it is not implausible that your partner has been unfaithful to you; yet, in actuality, the possibilities of him or her cheating on you are no less likely if he or she lives in the same town as you. It is inevitable that these things will occur, yet fretting constantly will not help you to avoid them. At the very least, you may establish the "rules of the game" from the beginning and then trust them.

6. Maintain a romantic atmosphere:

Even if you are unable to see yourself as clearly as you would like, romanticism should never be overlooked. Send each other heartfelt letters, give oneself tiny gifts, and so on... Request that he bring his favorite cuisine to the workplace! Everything is in place to keep the element of surprise in the relationship alive and well.

7. Be comprehensive:

Because of the distance, we have a tendency to imagine the worst and to take things far too seriously at times. If job, stress, family, health, or other obligations prevent you from communicating or seeing each other, don't be frustrated; instead, attempt to make another date as soon as possible. But don't be concerned if you're hungry; this type of thing happens from time to time.

8. Don't spy on them too much:

Due to the fact that we are separated, we are constantly curious as to what the other is doing at any given moment; this is adorable and entirely normal, but there is no need to scrutinize their every move and fact. And then, to be completely honest, the fact that you haven't heard anything about your spouse since he or she quit their job makes you more jealous than concerned. Don't go overboard with the weight; it will have the opposite impact of what you intended.

9. Look on the bright side of things:

Instead of being unhappy, focus on the positive aspects of your long-distance relationship instead. Everyone has more time for their own personal development, the routine does not have time to set in, you miss one other, and when you do see each other, everything is more intense and passionate than ever before. Furthermore, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Hong Kong, long-distance relationships are more deeply rooted.

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