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7 things to do and insure your relationship stays strong

As a woman, you always want to help in the genuine goodness of your man. This man could find themselves in the most perfect relationships possible and they will still find a way to mess things up.

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Never underestimate a man's ability to rock the boat. Even the best of men are very much prone to commit grave relationship sins. Everywhere you look in the world, men are always messing up, and there's always a woman trying to fix the mess he has made. Is just the natural way of societal existence.

Here are a few things you things that you could do to make sure your man would never want to cheat on you.

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1. Engage in role-playing

Some role-playing is always a good way to mix things up in the bedroom. It might be a fun and awkward experience that the two of you might end up enjoying.

2. Refrain from nagging

The quickest way to drive your man into another woman's arms is nagging. No man wants to hear all about the things that tick you off 24\7.

3. Give him some surprise massages

Messages are always a great way to express your affection for your man. You also never know when these messages might lead to something more sensual.

4. Innocently flight with him constantly

Flirting should never be out of the equation in the relationship. No matter how old the relationship is, you should flirt with each other make it a constant effort.

5. Cook for him

Food is the great equalizer.

6. Send him a naughty message every once in a while

Sometimes a little racy text message will be enough to put a jolt into the relationship.

7. Make an effort to dress up for him

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Don't be contented with looking like a slop whenever you are around him. Sure he loves you for who you are, but aesthetics still plays a huge part in it.

Love is a beautiful thing when the effort you put in is equal, am I right?

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