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People left in shock after seeing what a guy proposed with at Nandos

A lot of people invest in engagements. They spend money on an engagement ring that they think their partner would love.

Not everyone however can afford an expensive ring so they end up just getting a simple ring just to symbolise their love and commitment for their partner.

A certain picture of a guy proposing at a Nando's restaurant has broken the internet. A lot of people were shocked by what he was holding in his hand when he was proposing. while most people will kneel down with a ring the young man in the picture was holding a bundle of spinach.

people wondered what could have made him use vegetables of all thigs to propose to a woman. Some people found the whole concept funny and even suggested that he should have included tomatoes in his proposal so that the women would at least go hoe and cook herself a full meal form the vegetables she would have gotten.

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