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Pregnancy period

After God, fear women: Pregnant woman does not know who her baby daddy is from her 4 partners

After God, fear women: Pregnant woman does not know who her baby daddy is from her 4 partners

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When people say that youth is more scared of pregnancy over sexual diseases, they are onto something. So many young people stress more about pregnancy than they do HIV and other sexually transmittable diseases.

Hot_and_served is a group on instagram giving people with confessions a platform to seek advice without selling their identities. A young woman took to the group to seek advice after she realized her own deductions are failing her. According to the anonymous post, she encountered 4 men all in the same month and does not know who, amongst them, is her unborn baby's father because all these sexual encounters happened in the same month; only separated by a few days. Common about all these encounters is that no condom was used with any of the men.

My question is, how do you trust 4 people with your health? This lady is aware that she has multiple sexual partners, therefore it should not be hard for her to actually assume that these men have other sexual partners besides her. Apart from exposing her own health to risk, she also is exposing these men at a risk because she does not know what one does that could actually end up being transmitted to the other 3. I think that all these men are also reckless because of how they each have no problem with having unprotected sex with her. There is never a way to know if someone is loyal to you so the best thing would be to use protection with each and every sexual partner you have, to protect both yourself and your many partners!

The worst part about this situation is the fact that there's an unborn baby who's paternity is unknown. If this woman just assumes paternity, it will catch up with her in future when she realizes that her deductions may be incorrect.

She’s having unprotected sex with 4 people who are probably busy with other people also? Y’all are playing Russian roulette with your lives 😭😭 @Nelzie101

Just tell all four you are pregnant. The one with a car must take you to baby clinic for check up. The young one won't Mary you so let him buy you preparation. The older one is probably married so just continue having sex with him. @Edbowh

Yhoo from ABCD no condom all of them

Fear Women😰😭

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