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5 Tips to get the girl of yours dreams

Approaching the girl of your dreams can be the extremely intimidating for certain people while for other its a no brainer. Human beings are very distinct creatures which is why one should never beat himself/herself for lacking certain qualities, instead find a way to improve on what you're lacking. Below are 4 tips to help you get the girl you want.

1. First and foremost fall for your type.

Guys don't fall for someone you can't handle, if you decide to pursue her make sure you will keep up otherwise it'll end in tears for you. It helps to be with someone whom you share certain characteristics with, don't go for a party animal if you're quite the opposite because she gona leave you drowning in depression. Stay true to yourself!

2. Display self-confidence.

Without self-confidence you will barely get anything done and girls are really not into guys who lack confidence. Bruh if you really want her work on that confidence and be the man she can be proud of.

3. Don't plan, just do it!

Planning usually brings out self-doubt which eventually leads to dissuation, instead just go and say hi to her without planning. Planning is the main reason why guys fumble when they're talking to their crush so to avoid major disappointment don't plan!!!!

4. See to it you look presentable.

How you look says a lot about you, now you don't have to be the most handsome guy around nor rock the latest designer clothes, juss look clean and neat. Women find presentable guys attractive hence looking presentable gets you one step closer to her.

5. Do something with your life.

If you sitting in on your arse and doing nothing with your life how do you expect to get the girls??? Bruh girls find guys with status attractive, so you gotta find something that will make you somewhat better than the guy next door.

Starting a new relationship can be hard on certain people and it often requires patience plus confidence which is what some guys lack. Hopefully you find these tips helpful.

Do you agree👍🏼 or disagree👎🏽 with these tips??? Drop a comment and lemme know what do you think.


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