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I Went To His Apartment unannounced, This Is What I Found (see pics)

With me being in a serious relationship with my boyfriend who also doubles as a child daddy for a period of over 5 years. There has never been a time when I caught him cheating. Or he gave me a good reason to suspect that he is even capable of such, for our relationship was that which started out off as friends, so we knew how to after every different how to make each other joyful and all that.

So one-time last week he told me not to go to his condominium due to the fact he will be having his cousin touring him. I virtually located this abnormal because the cousin he is talking about used to come and locate me there barring any trouble or anything however I simply agreed to no longer exhibit on the weekend as he suggested. But then my internal self wouldn let me be, so I ended up determining to go unannounced with the intention of finding out what he is hiding from me.

When I arrived there used to be no person right here so I used my spare key to acquire some acces to the room and just when I idea I was once annoying myself for nothing I seemed up his pc table and saw this.

This awful disturbed my peace, for we do no longer use such in our relationship. I decided to confront him proper away on WhatsApp and this is what he had to say.Read the chats below

Looking at his motives for the stuff being on his desk it appears like he has a point, but once again the inner me maintains telling me that he should be lying at me here.If you are the one who in this type situation, what is it that you would do? Leave some feedback below

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