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'See 13 Things Women Only Do When They’re Not Interested In You.

There are 13 behaviors that women will only exhibit if they are not interested in you.

1. She doesn't make an effort to give you a kiss every time there is an excellent opportunity to do so.

Take, for instance, the scenario in which you lean in for a kiss but she twists her head, causing you to end up kissing her cheek instead.

2. She does not accept your offer to walk her to her vehicle, walk her home, or anything else that you propose. She has to avoid the abnormal snapshot of being distant from everyone else, as well as the possibility that you will take action, and she will have to decline your offer.

3. She always refers to you as "like a sibling" in conversation.

4. She calls you "brother" or "fella" on multiple occasions. There is a rare young lady who will do this with a person she is enthusiastic about, but the vast majority of young ladies will only do this to somebody they are not in the slightest bit physically inspired by. That particular person cannot be referred to as a "brother."

5. I will make an effort to pair you up with a friend of similar interests. After the adolescent years, no woman will ever set you up or talk putting you up in the event that she secretly needs you for herself. Perhaps a few girls in secondary school are sufficiently stupid to do this, but after that age, no woman will ever set you up or discuss setting you up.

6. When you ask her to get together with other people, her response is, "Sure, who else is coming?" The time she spends with you at home never begins with her being alone.

7. She does not permit you to pay for her, and even if she does, she makes an effort to get you back ultimately even if she does permit you to pay for her.

8. She engages in conversation with you regarding a variety of individuals. A ton. She is looking for guidance on how to go with the guy she has feelings for and where she may find people in general. But the person she gravitates toward the most is virtually never the one she's with.

9. If you are in a situation where she needs to comment on your beauty, she will use the word "charming" instead of "hot" or something less meaningful like "beautiful" over the highly laden word "provocative." She is more likely to take this as a general praise, along the lines of "everyone would think you are stunning," rather than an individual one, such as "I believe you are not kidding."

10. When you and your friend are hanging out at both of your apartments, she will sit on a different piece of furniture in the apartment than you do. When someone is seated in close proximity to you, "hang out" automatically translates into "make out," presuming that person is trustworthy.

11. When you see her, she is not just getting ready to go out the door. In the event that her hair is a mess and she's just wearing loose workout clothes, she is receptive to meeting with you.

12. She does not get in touch with you ever again. To put it simply, no more than you would contact another one of your pals.

13. Your gut feeling tells you that she doesn't like you very much. There is no rationale, no rationalization, and no defense; only your gut can tell you what's going on.

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