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"You enjoyed sleeping with my child for 2 years" JubJub mother drop another story (Video)

An audiotape posted on social media has Mama Jackie questioning why the women did not report the incident right away.

Forgotten how Molemo helped Amanda Du Pont break into show business. As a second question, how do you stay in a two-year relationship with someone who rapes you? Why didn't she make a formal complaint about the situation? I received a call from her after Molemo dumped her, informing me that she was expecting twins. The twins' whereabouts are unknown. The twins' whereabouts intrigue me.

"It's impossible for her to appear innocent and pure," he says. Rape? She had sexual intercourse for two years and called it sêx. In spite of the fact that she had parents, she continued (in the relationship). Her parents could have taken action and opened a complaint if she had reported the incident to them. She inquires about the situation.

Continued by Mama Jackie, she asked Masechaba to name the room in her home where the alleged assault took place.

Second, Masechaba, alleges that she was raped in my house. It's her responsibility to describe the interior of my home. For those of you who don't know, Ndiyamana is the name given to the Ndiyamayi tribe (I want that girl). I'm infatuated with her. I intend to question her. I'd like to know more about her past. People who know her can provide insight into her past."

Inquiring as to why she didn't tell the family about the accusations against Jub Jub made by her cousin, Mama Jackie enquired.

"I, too, am enamored with the cousin. Why didn't she come forward until Amanda Du Pont admitted to being raped? In the case of Molemo's rape of their cousin, I have no knowledge of any disagreements with my family members. Her parents could have come to see me if she had informed them.

Mama Jackie wants to know the dates of all of the alleged rapes, she claims..

"What caused them? Is there any reason why they didn't make an official complaint? Masechaba is not allowed to speak ill of me. She's a mystery to me. When she specifies the room in which she was raped and the color of the bed on which she was raped, I will take photos of my house and post them online. "I want her."

For the past two years, Amanda claims, Jub Jub raped her and only departed after making an attempt to kill her.

I'll begin by saying that you raped me, Molemo. For two years, I was raped on a regular basis. Please refrain from making it sound like a romance. I'm ecstatic. I was afraid to leave my family. When I saw your mother's strength, I was afraid. Oprah's money and Oprah's strangulation of your mother convinced me that speaking up would put my life at risk. As she recounts, "You didn't smash me; you forcibly opened my legs and forced yourself against my thighs countless times over the course of two years, telling me that I had no other choice."

Because I couldn't bear a child that had been imposed upon me, I had an abortion at the time." Jub Jub had previously assured me that I would stay a virgin until I got married, which was the most distressing element of the whole situation for me.

Masehaba claims she, too, was raped by Jub Jub.

Amanda Du Pont has my full support." Molemo Maarohanye also sexually assaulted me (Jub Jub). At Mama Jackie's Naturena house, it took place. I had a crush on him. At the time, I was a teenager. " "I was a virgin at the time," I recall.

At work, Jub Jub, on the other hand, made seductive advances on Refilwe, according to the latter.

With Molemo Jub Jub at Moja Love TV, I made numerous sexual advances that were rejected. "

According to her, his appearance on MacG's show was a hasty decision that cost him support.


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