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Opinion - They may say the guy is rude but he did the right thing, check this conversation

Scammers are coming from different ways and when they give no warning. It's that time of the year again where people scam other people's money for their selfish reasons without thinking twice or imagining how hard did they work to get that money. There are lot of them especially on social media just like Nosipho

This girl texted a guy on Facebook and pretended to be someone that she is not, saying she is struggling at res now she wanted the guy to give her some money but things didn't go the way she wanted as the guy asked for her bank account and the copy of her student card to be sure that she is indeed a student but refused saying her student card is now with her

Things got heated up as the guy promised her that she can give her R500 monthly allowance until she finishes her studies, but Nosipho said she doesn't share her personal details with strangers. That's strange how can you ask for money from a stranger ? That is why he pulled back and said him also doesn't give his money to strangers and that's how the conversation ended.

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