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Things to avoid on a date.

After Valentine's Day, people witness many breakups and the reasons are nowhere to be found. However, it was recently discovered that a bad date leads to separations of the opposite sex.

Dating is an art that requires the contribution of both partners equally and requires a combined effort to make the entire experience memorable. It is believed that when a woman plans something for her loved one, it is perfect and has no flaws (with exceptions), but what about the man?

This article talks about the things that every man should avoid as he celebrates the passion of love with someone he loves. Now let's take a look at the little things to do and things to avoid when planning a date with your partner in order to save your relationship.

• Stay stylish: How do you want your girlfriend to look when you invite her out? Shabby and ordinary?

If you don't want her to look ordinary or alien, why would you want to dress ordinary for the occasion? Dress to impress but not to kill! Under-styling or overdoing it is just as fatal to your love life.

Glitter and glamor are not what they want. Keep it subtly simple yet sexy with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Women are also attracted to men who smell good.

This definitely does not mean that you empty the entire perfume bottle at once. Choose the right fragrance and apply it wisely.

• Lack of confidence: As mentioned in the previous point, dress to impress and not to kill, it also applies to yourself. There are many times when you wear something to make your partner feel happy about it.

However, at the end of the day it turns out to screw things up with your attitude and confidence. Someone has rightly said: "What you wear shows in your attitude."

If you're not comfortable with what you're wearing, make sure you change into something more comfortable because nothing can ruin your date more than your lack of confidence.

• Show Yourself: The point is, women don't like men who are completely show off. Sharing his accomplishments depends on person to person and couple to couple.

However, when the sharing (more materialistic sharing like a new wristwatch or a new smart phone) becomes more of a boast and continues as always, things go wrong. Avoid it!

• Adjust them: make sure you wear clothes that fit you well. From the most basic men's underwear to your shirt, pants and even accessories should complement you and look good. If he's drooling over your body, it's not the right one for the occasion. So be careful!

• Arrive late: Nothing depresses women more than a man who arrives late for a date. Indeed, we observe that men consider themselves cool if they arrive after their partner.

This is not the red carpet where the big stars make heroic entrances. Make sure you arrive 5-10 minutes before the stated time so that your partner will feel special.

• Give more time to your phone: We all know that smartphones are necessary. Are they more important than who you are loved?

Make sure to put your phone away and avoid texting or any manipulation with your phone because it diverts your attention from your partner. You could be offended and decide to leave.

These simple mistakes can ruin your date and cause your partner to run away from you. Make sure you don't repeat them, if you have already committed some. Work on it and have a great time with your partner.

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