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My Venda Colleague Say I Must Use This Muti To Bang Girl The Right Way (see pics)

Living in a multi racial and cultural region like Johannesburg. I have usually been that one Zulu man who noticed no trouble with mingling With human beings from other tribes and provinces through romantic relationships and friendships. But then when it came to friendships I have this venda pal of mine Mashudu who I have been pals with for quite a wide variety of years.

So with guys being guys and human beings who speak about intimacy all the time,So i onetime jokingly requested him how do they as venda guys manipulate to make their ladies joyful due to the fact that they have a desirable popularity of being kings in the bedroom, Without any hesitation he endorsed that I try what they Mpesu returned at his village and he definitely gave me two of them and informed me to try them

Well according to his education when giving me the package he stated I have to pour at least 1lhalf that packet into any liquid and drink few hours before the action beings. Well I did as he said but then the next element this is what befell between my girlfriend and i

Read chats to see what passed off subsequent in the images below

I genuinely feel sorry about taking his stuff because it seems like it is now about to cost my relationship as you can see from the chats that things are no longer looking exact for me at all, One thinking tells me that I might have overdosed, While another 1 tells me that he might have deliberately given me the measurements of use which are too excessive and could spoil one's relationship.?

So now my question to you as readers is that according to your experience of the use of this Mpesu issue is his measurement proper or not? Leave go leave some feedback based totally on your experience and usage of the herb in the feedback area beneath please

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