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A Policeman becomes a joke after sharing his home here is why

People on social media know how to hurt people's feelings, that's why they say people should be careful what they post on social media because it's not every day you will get positive feedback. Some comments might hurt your feelings because some people don't care about people's feelings.

But people don't listen as they continue sharing their business on social media, and you can't blame them because people get excited and they end up sharing their business on social media because they want to encourage people when they post their success on social media, but they are not encouraged but instead they will make fun of you.

A guy by the name of Ndokhala took to his social media account to share his new home with the caption My house.

Though the same people congratulated him, some people started making fun of him saying his house looks like a router, while someone said it looks like those RDP houses in Cape Town then some said they hate lying but that house is ugly.

Unfortunately, it's not everyone that will approve of something you are proud of. As much as it's not everyone has a home but not people will celebrate your success with you.

What you see as an achievement some people will see as a joke. And there is a possibility that some of those people who are making fun of you don't have what you have but they are still struggling to have them. That's why some people keep quiet for the sake of peace and to avoid being made fun of, people on social media are like that they will fun of you just to make you feel bad about something you worked hard for.

Some people got where they are today because they worked hard to get where they are, for people to make fun of their success. Sometimes posting something on social media needs courage and you must be strong don't let negative comments get to you especially if you know you worked hard to be where you are today. And Looking at this house I don't see anything wrong, but we can't stop people from saying what they feel.

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