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Her Dad Ruined her Life, she thought He Loved her, But He Ended Up Do This To her When she Was 9 yrs



Mercy grew up in a violent home. But she always knew that her father was her angel. Despite all the struggles and struggles his parents had in their marriage, his father always treated him with love. He knew that his father would move the heavens and the earth so that he could see him clearly.

"I knew my father loved me and he brought me 'meat' every day," she said. His father used to call him ‘mrembo’ and he loved his relationship with his father. However the story changed when he was 9 years old. He came home from school one evening wearing a white shirt and shorts. He first took off his clothes after school when his father came up behind him and patted him.

To him, this was his father so he didn't think much of it. But something unexpected happened next. Her father threw her on the bed and pulled her out short. He was in 5th grade when this happened. He never told his mother, but instead kept it in a bottle all day. His life became miserable and his grades plummeted. He started urinating and that was the beginning of his bad life.


He attended high school with a similar problem and was strongly opposed by many of his classmates. She also started having sex with every man who looked at her twice and got pregnant. She became ill during her pregnancy and the baby had to be aborted or they would both die. She passed her high school exam and went to campus.

In his second year at Moi University, his mother paid for a surgeon and his urinary problem disappeared. On campus he looked back at his past and was very sad about it. It affected her greatly and she stopped attending classes. She did not write many of her exams and that is when her mother found out that there was a problem. Her mother called her home and asked her what was going on.

What his daughter told him was devastating. She realized that her daughter had been carrying the burden of being a rape victim since she was 9 years old. She cried a lot that day but decided to support her and send her back to school. His father later apologized and forgave him. It was there that he went further and decided to change his story. Right now, Mercy has a foundation that helps kids who have gone through what she’s been through. You have only one tip for young girls and women, "stay tuned"

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