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Doctor Warns Men, Explains Danger Of Withdrawal Method During Lovemaking

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 In a love affair, the First Doctor went to his publications to explain family planning methods. He advised and warned men who were very careful with this method.

 In the message, he said many children were made by this process. In his opening remarks, he warned men who rely on their method of abortion to avoid pregnancy to be careful during sexual intercourse with their partner.

 In addition, she said, many people are unaware that although pre-cum can cause pregnancy, that is why most babies are born this way.

 In his words, he wrote:

 "If you want to use the return method, continue to be careful. Even your pre-cum can bring it to the expectant mother. As a result, more babies are born."

 This has caused the doctor to become embroiled in controversy over the claim that abortion, which many believe is not conducive to pregnancy, causes her to become pregnant. Using this method, she and her friends have made it possible for a mother to have a natural pregnancy. As a result, it is up to us, especially men, to heed this warning and take action.

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